Cannot arrange a match

Sometimes it is not possible for two pairs to agree on a date for a match. In these situations, there is not a lot we can do to help, but here are your options:

Can my round deadline be extended?
Deadlines can only be extended in extreme circumstances.

Can I use a substitute player?
If a player is injured, a substitute can replace that player for a single match. for this to happen, a doctors note must be provided.
If you want to replace a player permanently, you must notify us of the players' details and the reason for the change.

What happens if the match still cannot be arranged?
If the match is not played by the match deadline, the Away team will go through to the next round. At this point, the home team can dispute the result. Disputes cannot be raised before the deadline, as shown in the competition portal.

When a dispute is raised, there must be sufficient evidence to overturn an existing decision. The dispute starts with a dispute form. We then give both sides 24 hours to provide any information they would like to be taken into account. After this period, no further evidence is accepted. We will then look at who made the most effort to play the match, in the spirit of the game.

Once a decision is made, the decision is final and will not be changed.

When we have to make a decision, one side will always feel that it's unfair. Please remember that this is a result of the match not being played by the deadline, and we need to apply the rules of the competition.

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