Why have I been eliminated

There can be a number of reasons you may receive an email to say you have been eliminated from the competition.

If you have played your match and lost, then you will be expecting this email. However, sometimes it may come as a surprise. If you look at the Match Result, that can give you a clue. Normally the match result will show a numeric value, such as 1UP, 2&1, 4&3, etc. 

If it shows a letter, here is what they mean:

C = Conceded
When a team cannot play their match, they may decide to concede it to their opponents.

F = Forfeit
A team can forfeit their match for a number of reasons. The most common is when the round deadline is reached and the match was unplayed. The rules of the competition will give more detail on what happens in that situation. Forfeits can also happen when we are asked to rule on a match and the result is changed by us.

DQ = Disqualified
This one is rarely used and then only if a player has broken the competition rules or has been excluded from the competition. This may include a player not meeting the competition entry criteria, such as not having a valid handicap.

Disputing Results

If you want to dispute the result, you can complete the matchplay dispute form, giving as much information as you can.

When a dispute is raised, we will only overturn the result if sufficient

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